Mutated Genes and the Role the hpa axis play in Depression

I had a gnome test done for hereditary depression.

It said I have polymorphism in genes that affect the Hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis (HPA Axis).

Fact my father was morphed and my mother. My mother has complete adrenal failure called Addison’s Disease. It’s rare. My purpose is to get information on the correlation between mutated genes, psychiatric problems, hpa damage and how to repair the hpa axis which is first controlled by your nervous system.


the following link you will find information to a doctor or researcher person who has been studying biomarkers for people with major depression disorder linking it to metabolic disorders however the problem with his research is its based around his application of medication application of medication is a problem in diagnosing because it’s a conflict of interest. In one of his patents its surrounds itself around using a #tricyclic antidepressant which is very dangerous for people with depression because they’re depression is most likely linked to poor adrenals which is covered up buy medication instead of treating naturally like with a good diet and nutritional supplementation it is made worse over time for most people then they need other medication stronger medication more complex medication and more & more medication that is the pattern I see. And what he wants to do with treatment resistant depression (trd) is absolutely disgusting Vagus nerve stimulation used on epileptics.

no thank you!

that’s #barbaric you are methods your #manipulation is #sadistic and barbaric #john#m#bilello

Resistance is NOT futile!!!