Drug, Drug, Drug our HPA Axis!!!


The Psychiatric Link with the HPA Axis PDF

Do YOU want to continue dying slowly in ignorance while taking their pills, or heal naturally, which THEY keep telling you is not possible? They keep coming up with new ideas while the rate of “mental disease” and “chemical imbalance” raises to what the CINP (evil) says is epidemic.

What do you think? Is mental health research advancing or is it just more and more twisted than 1988?


Birth Trauma and Humanity’s Takeover

We must inform our selves about the new research taking place within medicine itself

An End Once And For All


Jeanice’s Book is the above picture. 

Jeanice Barcelo explains what has been going on in the “health care” industry with our innocent newborns, pregnancy and the birth process.  It is very dark to find out but once you know what has been done, you will be empowered to make your own decisions, making sure to avoid this painful and traumatic process.

You can also check out her website HERE.

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Hypo again


Hypo again

I don’t like this one day up the next day normal bullshit. It seriously only means that I will be headed for a serious breakdown sometime in the next few weeks. Or by the end of this week. I don’t really know what is causing this up one day and down the next. Maybe I am cycling. It is better than being in a mixed state.

I have been really irritable lately. The slightest things seem to piss me off. Yesterday, while having coffee, my mother wanted to talk to me. No matter how much I tried to muster the “don’t talk to me while having coffee” look, it just came across as me being in a bad mood or depressed. I fucking hate that. She just doesn’t get it because coffee doesn’t affect her. She drinks instant bullshit so what does she know of good coffee anyways!…

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