Hypo again


Hypo again

I don’t like this one day up the next day normal bullshit. It seriously only means that I will be headed for a serious breakdown sometime in the next few weeks. Or by the end of this week. I don’t really know what is causing this up one day and down the next. Maybe I am cycling. It is better than being in a mixed state.

I have been really irritable lately. The slightest things seem to piss me off. Yesterday, while having coffee, my mother wanted to talk to me. No matter how much I tried to muster the “don’t talk to me while having coffee” look, it just came across as me being in a bad mood or depressed. I fucking hate that. She just doesn’t get it because coffee doesn’t affect her. She drinks instant bullshit so what does she know of good coffee anyways!…

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You Need Education, not Motivation

Execu-Sensory & Neuropedagogy Educational Consulting Services

Your hand swings up from your side to grab your phone and shut off the music. It was your favorite song, now you hate it. “What was I thinking? A good song isn’t going to miraculously give me the energy to get up and out of this bed.” It’s 7:00; time to wake up. Actually already later than the time you should be getting up. Yet, you simply just can’t. You set the timer on your phone. 3 minutes. Because maybe in three minutes you’ll have the motivation to rise up and face the day. You roll back over, knowing full well it is wishful thinking. Hey… at least it’s 3 more minutes of delaying the inevitable.
Neuroplasticity, for all its positive attributes, has a dark side in the form of bad habits, monotonous routines, and personal, motivation1professional ruts to name a few.  Maybe it’s motivation to get up in the…

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Visit to the Psych Hospital


I did it. I finally went to the ER for my major depression. I was on meds but they weren’t helping. I was getting worse. I’m glad I went I feel a lot clear minded and happier cause the psychiatrist took me off Abilify and left me on Latuda and added Effexor Extended Release. He was concerned cause my psych doctor had me on 2 anti-psychotics and I was being over-medicated. That might explain the visual hallucinations and suicidal thoughts.

My hospital stay was chaotic. There was one patient who had behavior problems and was punching the staff and hitting walls. They had to give him a shot like everyday to make him go to sleep. He wasn’t allowed out of his room either only for a little and when he did he would harass the girls and try to touch their butt. He was 40 years old too! What…

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Scientist Claims Monsanto Products Are Safe To Drink…..Then Refuses A Drink (Video)

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A scientist claiming that Monsanto pesticides are safe to use on plants and is no harm to the environment had to swallow his words recently because he wouldn’t drink a cup of water.

Per Gawker:

Dubious science man Dr. Patrick Moore (incorrectly identified in earlier reports as a Monsanto lobbyist) sent a slightly mixed message in a recent interview with French cable channel Canal+ when he was asked about Monsanto’s use of glyphosates in Argentina.

Moore: You can drink a whole quart of it and it won’t hurt you

Interviewer: You want to drink some? We have some here.

Moore: I’d be happy to actually. Not really. But I know it wouldn’t hurt me.

Interviewer: If you say so, I have some glyphosate…

Moore: No, no. I’m not stupid.

How safe can it be if you as a scientist would decline to drink from it? If he’s “not…

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Monsanto Executive Says Round-Up Is Safe to Drink But Refuses To Drink It Himself Calling Interviewer a ” Complete Jerk”

Outs killing me. But I just decided to go non GMO. So I’ll be fine

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Monsanto has a campaign to try to convince the world that it’s top money-maker, Round-up, main ingredient glyphosphate, is safe enough to drink; however, when one of Monsanto’s top executives is offered the chance to drink the herbicide, he refuses and calls the interviewer a jerk. Apparently Round-up is safe enough for OTHER people to drink, just not Monsanto executives. Monsanto apparently wants to make money off of other people drinking Round-up in their water supply, but the executives won’t jeopardize their own health by drinking it:

I am laughing my ass off–Round-up is safe only for Argentinians to drink and anyone asking an executive who puts it in the drinking water of Argentinians to drink same substance is a complete jerk.

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The Myth of High Protein Diets

Patricia Becker | Yoga · Breath · Nutrition Coach

MANY people have been making the case that Americans have grown fat because they eat too much starch and sugar, and not enough meat, fat and eggs. Recently, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee lifted recommendations that consumption of dietary cholesterol should be restricted, citing research that dietary cholesterol does not have a major effect on blood cholesterol levels. The predictable headlines followed: “Back to Eggs and Bacon?”

But, alas, bacon and egg yolks are not health foods.

Although people have been told for decades to eat less meat and fat, Americans actually consumed 67 percent more added fat, 39 percent more sugar, and 41 percent more meat in 2000 than they had in 1950 and 24.5 percent more calories than they had in 1970, according to the Agriculture Department. Not surprisingly, we are fatter and unhealthier.

A study published last March found a 75 percent increase in premature deaths…

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