Pituitary hormone of mothers and more ridiculous biomarkers

So basically this guy John M Bilello wants to diagnose and treat using biomarkers and medication and studying the hormones and morphisms of the people he’s studying whoever that might be I have a problem with this, big problem. he can take his medication himself take the medication he prescribes or he thinks is good to discover major depressive disorder and other psychiatric disorders and people about this john bilello its a sick world clean up our world and stop blaming it on us.  Stop giving us medication that makes psychiatric conditions worse in the short and long term because adrenal insufficiency it causes psychiatric problems in one form or another.
Vasmopressin is a hormone that is affected in mothers and babies secreted by pituitary gland. J. bilello also studies this factor. Link below..

And if someone is majorly depressed they probably have adrenal problems already in which case the medication is going to make them sicker or kill them so john bilello you can stick your medication where the Sun doesn’t shine since you hate the Sun so much.

Example my C reactive protein is sky high which signifies inflammatory which to the researchers signifies I have me major depressive disorder disease not disorder disease now. But we also know along with my new doctors that I have severe adrenal problems. But until recently I haven’t had been able to get a test for that only been told that I just have emotional problems and mood disorders.
I told my new doctors and my new therapist when she told me that in one hour she could diagnose me with a mood disorder I said you can take that label and put it away but I’m not accepting it not until my health gets straightened out I’m not accepting any more labels and I’m questioning all current diagnosis is that’s what I’m telling them because this pseudo psychiatric bull crap it should have been put down in the 50s. tricyclic was already patented in 1950 but it didn’t come out until 1960 because they were seeing its effects in major mental institutions and asylums. The greatest doctor that ever lived died in 1948. He was writing letters of warning to the FDA when the FDA wanted to reduce salt Dr Weston Price DDS said “no” thats a bad idea.
So when my grandma said before medication came out they tested vitamin C levels when somebody was depressed I get it these guys can go stick it if so blatantly manipulative to distract us from the true source of mental disease distraction that’s all. And if this guy thinks he’s going to have the world had a to him on a silver platter because he’s creating an algorithm he’s gotta get more Dr signed up cuz the 1 I’m seeing is not signed up yet. But the doctor I’m seeing already tested my plasma for her eyes everyday depression and he came up with a bunch of findings that signifies adrenal problems. It’s just an example but in my friends that I seen suffer and poor medical communities back in Montana I see a pattern they have adrenal symptoms and I see the same thing happen to them that happened to me and half of my friends there. And they take it because that’s all they know. And it makes me sad. To see the manipulation and the power of influence and persuasion is just to push medication and get kickbacks it’s disgusting and in the meantime killing people and destroying people’s families it’s sickening very very sickening



Mutated Genes and the Role the hpa axis play in Depression

I had a gnome test done for hereditary depression.

It said I have polymorphism in genes that affect the Hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis (HPA Axis).

Fact my father was morphed and my mother. My mother has complete adrenal failure called Addison’s Disease. It’s rare. My purpose is to get information on the correlation between mutated genes, psychiatric problems, hpa damage and how to repair the hpa axis which is first controlled by your nervous system.


the following link you will find information to a doctor or researcher person who has been studying biomarkers for people with major depression disorder linking it to metabolic disorders however the problem with his research is its based around his application of medication application of medication is a problem in diagnosing because it’s a conflict of interest. In one of his patents its surrounds itself around using a #tricyclic antidepressant which is very dangerous for people with depression because they’re depression is most likely linked to poor adrenals which is covered up buy medication instead of treating naturally like with a good diet and nutritional supplementation it is made worse over time for most people then they need other medication stronger medication more complex medication and more & more medication that is the pattern I see. And what he wants to do with treatment resistant depression (trd) is absolutely disgusting Vagus nerve stimulation used on epileptics.

no thank you!

that’s #barbaric you are methods your #manipulation is #sadistic and barbaric #john#m#bilello

Resistance is NOT futile!!!