This page is based on my opinion on why the mental illnesses have been on the rose since 1980 in record numbers. My father blew his brains out when we’re home. He was supposed to be a loving man, he was, but given a benzodiazapine, then he did it two weeks later.

The leading doctor in research of psychotic depression is A. Rothschild MD. He started in YouTube videos that a bunch of researchers flooded THE MARKET. THE PHARMA research market to develop a pill for that like there is an app for that.

At the same time Monsanto was marketing gmo food for our cattle, pesticides that make gut bleeds and histiocytosis issues or worse. The that is real ……
weeks later.

They have been targeting is and shoving pills down or throats knowing the fatality rate is greater than we think.
When someone has to get off a pill… Any pill, they “may have urineary frequency, incontinence, anxiety, depression, death from killing one….. Being so depressed from lack of cortsol function due to pills or malnutrition and starvation. Seizures, sensitivity to light, mania, thyroid drop ( sleeping to much)

After the pills see if your pituitary can make ACTH cortisol…..
..hope so….. That’s what this site is about…. In my

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