Is medicine actually stressful?

And did you know there is a “RAPID treatment for MDD” (a disorder different from regular depression) using MAGNESIUM (MAGNETISM) ??


Brace yourselves. I’m about to say something controversial. Medicine isn’t stressful. I know this for a fact. Actually nothing is stressful. Erase stressful from your vocabulary.

“But you’re an anxious medic?” “Yes I am”

“And you’re often stressed?” “Yes I am”

“Because medicine is stressful?” “NO

I can understand that this sounds a bit ridiculous at first glance. However, I want to argue that there is simple proof that makes what I am saying correct. Do you know of a medical student who appears completely relaxed about the course and stresses very little or at all? Of course you do, we all do. Oh how we despise these people! Surely they don’t care. They can’t. If they cared about their future they’d worry about failure. If they cared about medicine they would worry about making the wrong decision. Yep, either they don’t care about the course or they don’t…

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