Drug, Drug, Drug our HPA Axis!!!


The Psychiatric Link with the HPA Axis PDF

Do YOU want to continue dying slowly in ignorance while taking their pills, or heal naturally, which THEY keep telling you is not possible? They keep coming up with new ideas while the rate of “mental disease” and “chemical imbalance” raises to what the CINP (evil) says is epidemic.

What do you think? Is mental health research advancing or is it just more and more twisted than 1988?

3 thoughts on “Drug, Drug, Drug our HPA Axis!!!

  1. cazzroo says:

    that just about sums up the current state of play repress and suppress anything thats different and at the same time make a buck too! 🙂 …you’re right on the money mate – such bullshit that they feed people with – time to wakey wakey and come out from under the veil! 🙂 love the little caption gonna share that! 🙂 good luck with the good fight 🙂

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    • The fight is killing me in America. I speak from experience unfortunately. On a pituitary stimulator and a mood stabilizer, one to keep organs going, the other to retain fluids or I would be dead. And they knew this could happen. I am moving to Kuwait where doctors still can help people because of religious beliefs on how many chemicals they can consume…..!!!!!


      • cazzroo says:

        oooh sounds bad :(… I believe we all have the power to heal ourselves – and the powers that be know that and are suppressing our natural capabilities – and of course the wonder of things like cannabis oil and other easily obtainable items should they not be illegal!…bastards! breathe work and meditation do a lot for self=healing I think 🙂 good luck x

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