Visit to the Psych Hospital


I did it. I finally went to the ER for my major depression. I was on meds but they weren’t helping. I was getting worse. I’m glad I went I feel a lot clear minded and happier cause the psychiatrist took me off Abilify and left me on Latuda and added Effexor Extended Release. He was concerned cause my psych doctor had me on 2 anti-psychotics and I was being over-medicated. That might explain the visual hallucinations and suicidal thoughts.

My hospital stay was chaotic. There was one patient who had behavior problems and was punching the staff and hitting walls. They had to give him a shot like everyday to make him go to sleep. He wasn’t allowed out of his room either only for a little and when he did he would harass the girls and try to touch their butt. He was 40 years old too! What…

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