Monsanto Executive Says Round-Up Is Safe to Drink But Refuses To Drink It Himself Calling Interviewer a ” Complete Jerk”

Outs killing me. But I just decided to go non GMO. So I’ll be fine

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Monsanto has a campaign to try to convince the world that it’s top money-maker, Round-up, main ingredient glyphosphate, is safe enough to drink; however, when one of Monsanto’s top executives is offered the chance to drink the herbicide, he refuses and calls the interviewer a jerk. Apparently Round-up is safe enough for OTHER people to drink, just not Monsanto executives. Monsanto apparently wants to make money off of other people drinking Round-up in their water supply, but the executives won’t jeopardize their own health by drinking it:

I am laughing my ass off–Round-up is safe only for Argentinians to drink and anyone asking an executive who puts it in the drinking water of Argentinians to drink same substance is a complete jerk.

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