Magnesium and Anxiety and Adrenal Fatigue

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12 thoughts on “Magnesium and Anxiety and Adrenal Fatigue

      • R. Alt I found that migraineurs have an ionic imbalance in the brain. Research just found that we have (we because I was a migraineur) have more connections between our sensory organ neurons in the brain. I wrote a book on how to get rid of migraine without even a supplement just by knowing we need to create more electricity in our brain. I have over 1600 members now in my migraine group all getting off of all of their meds and switching to my method of increasing voltage in the brain and one after the other they all get well and recover. I had no migraine for 4 years now. 🙂 The book is called Fighting the Migraine Epidemic and is like $3 e-book depending on where you get it. It is so simple, the solution is free, and it works. 😀

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      • I agree but I believe that the ionic balance is due to cellular structure is being broken down because of malnutrition improper fluid water oil balance that takes place over many years our brains are slightly dehydrated in a sense but we’re missing the proper oils salt and nutrients in our brains to maintain that proper homeostasis for proper ionization maintenance
        So we must consider oils salts and minerals in our brain and amino acids in which I have other links to patents on other articles. about amino acid is decreased cerebral brain fluid etc

        The Oiling of America:


      • No problem. 🙂 I have a different take of the cause of the ionic imbalance and it has a Darwinian explanation. It is based on the fact that the sensory organs migraineurs have are more active (now we know that there are more connections between them than in the brain of a non-migraineur) and so the ionic imbalance comes from having more connections working more than the fewer connections that work less in the brain of a non-migraineur. Oils do not penetrate the brain only ionic minerals that supply the neurons. Migraine brains just simply run out of voltage fast as a result of more work and not enough supply of minerals that can create voltage. And there is only one such mineral.

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      • Oh ok however if we don’t intake enough oils into our body we lose some water which means we lose some minerals in our bodies which means we lose some minerals in the brain no?


      • Not quite. The brain (and the body) is a closed environment and oils do not keep things from evaporating inside. We evaporated water and salt and potassium in heat and sweat but not the other elements. The lack of minerals has only one reason: we do not eat enough for the unique brain of the migraineur. Migraine brain needs more of certain minerals. We just aren’t eating them in enough quantify! Once we do, migraine goes away. My FB group now has over 1600 members and many are already able to fully control and prevent their migraines–I do too. 🙂 No oils at all.

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        Yes I understand it but the ionic balance in the brain is caused by starvation the imbalance of proper fluids oils, MINERALS electrolytes etc happen during the and proper homeostasis that takes place when people are malnourished or dehydrated.
        The Oiling of America:
        Malnourishment is a general word. I have lost proper homeostasis many times and I went into seizures and almost coma. But before that I always get severe migraines and my neck locks up. So the mineral oil water balance that needs to be in our bodies and our brains causing the ionic balance is what is the root of the problem. for instance Alzheimer’s such ranking of the brain and people need or oils and their brain as an oily layer for their cells.


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