Senator John F. Kennedy re atmospheric nuclear tests, April 2, 1960

kick nuclear


We have been talking about change and challenge, about leadership and vision. No change in the world about us presents a greater challenge – no problem calls for greater leadership and vision – than the radioactive pollution of our atmosphere by the testing of nuclear weapons.

It is not a simple problem with simple answers. The experts disagree – the evidence is in conflict – the obstacles to an international solution are large and many. But the issue of nuclear tests and their effects is one which should be discussed in the coming months – not as a purely partisan matter, but as one of the great issues on the American scene.

I was glad, therefore, that this issue was raised last Sunday in a constructive and thoughtful way by the Governor of…

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Is medicine actually stressful?

And did you know there is a “RAPID treatment for MDD” (a disorder different from regular depression) using MAGNESIUM (MAGNETISM) ??


Brace yourselves. I’m about to say something controversial. Medicine isn’t stressful. I know this for a fact. Actually nothing is stressful. Erase stressful from your vocabulary.

“But you’re an anxious medic?” “Yes I am”

“And you’re often stressed?” “Yes I am”

“Because medicine is stressful?” “NO

I can understand that this sounds a bit ridiculous at first glance. However, I want to argue that there is simple proof that makes what I am saying correct. Do you know of a medical student who appears completely relaxed about the course and stresses very little or at all? Of course you do, we all do. Oh how we despise these people! Surely they don’t care. They can’t. If they cared about their future they’d worry about failure. If they cared about medicine they would worry about making the wrong decision. Yep, either they don’t care about the course or they don’t…

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A Brief Introduction to Psychedelics, pt. I: The Chemistry

Frontiers of the Mind

"Eclipse Engaged" by Android Jones “Eclipse Engaged” by Android Jones

If you’ve heard the term “psychedelic” before, chances are you’ve heard it in connection with the hippie subculture of the late 1960’s and the artistic style that bloomed within it. You may also be familiar with the fact that a certain family of mind-altering drugs and their effects on users played a key role in the formation of the hippie movement. Despite knowing this, you may still be wondering: just what does “psychedelic” refer to?

Today, the term is generally used to refer to one or all of the following:

  • Psychoactive (mind-affecting) drugs with hallucinatory and “consciousness-expanding” effects
  • A visual art movement that started in the mid-1960’s, distinguished by vivid colours, intricate patterns and surrealistic images
  • A musical movement that originated in the rock scene of the mid-1960’s and later grew out into several different genres; distinguishable by hypnotic and experimental soundscapes
  • An international culture (also referred to as psychedelia) that spawned in the mid-1960’s and includes all of the…

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50 Things to Get Busy Doing Before 50



1alife2 1. Reach 49.

2. Forgive. Doesn’t matter if they deserve it, you do.

3. Some people will be negative and hate, so what, what’s that got to do with you?

4. Learn your parents, family, and friends’ stories.

5. Ignore people who tell you to try surfing or skydiving or extreme sports if you don’t want to do it, they’re not going to spend the time in hospital or rehab.

6. Help someone who needs help and don’t tell a single soul you did it.

7. Learn to compromise.

8. Conquer a fear. Doesn’t have to be a big one.

9. Take the time to write that email, make that call, write a letter, visit, send a card, it may not matter, but what if it does?

10. Ask for help. Accept it gratefully.

11. Smile. Laugh. Often. Quit thinking about why. Smile. Laugh.1lf2
12. Cry. Into someone’s…

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Drug, Drug, Drug our HPA Axis!!!


The Psychiatric Link with the HPA Axis PDF

Do YOU want to continue dying slowly in ignorance while taking their pills, or heal naturally, which THEY keep telling you is not possible? They keep coming up with new ideas while the rate of “mental disease” and “chemical imbalance” raises to what the CINP (evil) says is epidemic.

What do you think? Is mental health research advancing or is it just more and more twisted than 1988?

Birth Trauma and Humanity’s Takeover

We must inform our selves about the new research taking place within medicine itself

For All


Jeanice’s Book is the above picture. 

Jeanice Barcelo explains what has been going on in the “health care” industry with our innocent newborns, pregnancy and the birth process.  It is very dark to find out but once you know what has been done, you will be empowered to make your own decisions, making sure to avoid this painful and traumatic process.

You can also check out her website HERE.

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